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Boulogne meeting rooms

Grandes salles de reunion Emergence Boulogne
The rental of a meeting room in the professional, specialized and high range environment of our Boulogne business center is the guarantee of your meeting

Why choose one of our Boulogne business center meeting rooms?

"Pick a meeting room outside of your usual work environment in order to:
  • Concentrate on a strategic matter,
  • Undertake a training session,
  • Make an assessment and apprehend the future,
  • not to be overtaken by the daily activities,
  • Motivate your employees with the choice of a meeting room in a pleasant environment

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Every layout is possible in our Boulogne meeting rooms.

coaching sessions, or face to face interviews ?coaching sessions or face to face interviews... all is possible !
  • Theatre like, 
  • U-shaped, 
  • conference space layout, 
  • with or without tables 
  •  with several tables (blocks),
  • backdrop for films...

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What kind of equipment do you have access to in the Boulogne meeting rooms?

meeting rooms of various typesYou feel good at Emergence
As part of your presentations, you have access to:
  • overhead projectors, 
  • flat screens, 
  • white boards,
  • Rent of pcs,
  • Translators in more than 15 languages,
  • visioconference rooms to exchange all over the world without having to travel!
  • web conferenc recording,
  • broad band internet connexion,
  • Switch and all wiring and data links...

Do not hesitate to share with us your specific configuration needs!

Enjoy your breaks with snacks adapted to every type of event in our Boulogne business center

Clients presentations, breakfasts, half day meeting...you will enjoy the atmosphere at Emergence's breakfasts
  • Sandwich, 
  • Buffet, 
  • cocktails options,
  • day study sessions or training (price including rental of the rooms,breakfast, breaks and different kind of lunch formulas),

We are ready to listen to you and find with you the kind of salty or savoury breaks according to the kind of event you plan and the budget you have!

Ask us for an advise, it is our job to make our customers satisfied! 

How to find us?

googlemap Boulogne

Boulogne meeting rooms

121 rue d'Aguesseau - 92 100 Boulogne

Tel: (00.33) 1 55 60 18 20 - Ask for Marie

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