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Business breakfast planning

Petit-déjeuner d'affaires Paris OpéraOrganisez un petit-déjeuner d'affaires sur notre patio !

Why plan a business breakfast?

Interview room, Paris OperaInterview room for all planned or unplanned appointments !
  • Organise a breakfast and present new products to your customers allows you to keep your business day clear by only renting a meeting room for the morning.
  • Call in your customers early: 8:30 am and the meeting is over 2 hours later, leaving you with the ones who have specific demands.
  • Give out relevant and current information to your customers allowing them to be cutting edge in the knowledge and understanding of your business. Your customers will come back and recommend the Emergence breakfasts!
  • As the saying goes,the day belongs to those who wake up early!

What are the tools to optimize the planning of your business breakfasts?

Business center Paris Opera : the teamWorking in a good humour atmosphere
The Emergence business center teams help you in the various upstream stages to optimize the planning of your business breakfasts:

  • sending invites,
  • guests follow up,
  • preparation,
  • printing of the meeting,

We help you make this event successful!

Organisation of professional breakfast for your clients !Organise a professional breakfast for your clients !
How do you manage your presentation?
  • A computer linked to one of our overhead projector and a projection screen for PowerPoint presentations,
  • One or several paperboards,
  • Trestles for the participants to take notes,
  • The right moderator who will know the right questions to ask and how to make the respondants participate in an effective way,
  • Preparation of the material for the participants and the list of attendees,

The qualities of the ideal venue to plan a business breakfast:

"Saint Emilion" meeting roomOrganising seminars in "St Emilion"
A central location:
  • an easy access for all types of transportation,
  • A different environment: different from your usual workspace to get away from your everyday life and enable you to concentrate on the breakfast presentation and people you will meet!

Call our team to plan your next breakfast presentation or to have more details!

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