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Seminar rooms

Why plan a seminar? What is your goal?

Organisation of professional breakfast for your clients !Organise a professional breakfast for your clients !
  • For a study day, 
  • For internal training,
  • For a product launch, 
  • To motivate your teams,
  • For an executive committee,
  • For a board of directors meeting, 
  • For a creative workshop
The layout of our meeting rooms is adjustable and adapts to you needs and your theme in order for your seminar to reflect your expectations!

Ask the layouts and all specific ciriteria and we will adapt! 

What kind of equipment is required to ensure the success of your seminar?

You must come in with a certain peace of mind, knowing that your team has already prepared everything. You must be able to concentrate on the heart of your seminar...
Executive committee's roomsdisgn and cosy meeting rooms to be in good working conditions!
  • The number of paperboards, 
  • note pads, 
  • the location for your breaks and replenishment, 
  • TV, flat-screen, laptop, beamer, overhead projector, video cameras, VGA and HDI cables, connection between PC and TV, between mac and overhead projector (All types of connections...)

What are the dining options to brighten up your seminars?

Various in-room or outside
salty buffetAll kinds of catering according to your mood
From very simple food to very sophisticated and tasting of products, you seminar can aslo be a priviledged time!
  • Various in-room or outside breaks on our patio,
  • all varieties of tray meals,
  • Lunches in outside restaurants selected for you,
  • From simple to luxury cocktails,
  • Basket of fruits, macaron tastings...

Ask us and we will advise you according to the kind of meeting you organize!

From the simplest to the most unusual options, the dining solution of your seminars can also become a privileged moment!

What type of venue to plan your seminars?

Three different venues to host and give a specific color and feel to your study day, seminar, training day, creative workshop and brainstorming sessions:
St Emilion 2-EN
Emergence business center Paris Opera
7, rue du Helder 75 009 PARIS

Emergence business center Boulogne
121 rue d'Aguesseau 92 100 Boulogne

Paris Louvre business center
43, rue de Richelieu 75 001 PARIS
Phone: 01 44 86 06 50

Salle de réunion Paris Louvre "Pomerol'Salle Privilège "Pomerol", on s'y sent bien !


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