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Virtual office address service

Want to set up your head office in a business center with a prestigious address? Our business centers offer three professional addresses associated to numerous custom-made services that will make your every day life easier!

Host your company in one of our Emergence business centers through our virtual office address service

virtual office address, EmergenceEach client and each company are personnalised
A dynamic and bilingual teamA dynamic and bilingual team
Hosting your company in one of our business center through our virtual office address service is the first step towards the commercial expansion of your business. A prestigious address at a lower cost will allow you to match your company's image and maintain your credibility with your customers and prospects while cutting on your expenses.

With Emergence, you have the choice between setting up your head office or sales branch in one of our two addresses:
Whether you are:
  • an entrepreneur,
  • an independent contractor,
  • an international company branch or
  • a company located in another city or country,
the Emergence business centers will entirely fulfill your needs and adapt to your situation. Our teams are dedicated and trained.
So, no need to burden yourself with paying rent, expenses and the necessary equipment of a regular office in order to get a registered address: Emergence is here to make your life easier!

Make your request, sign-up and we'll take care of everything for you! Treat yourself with a prestigious address without any delay!

What are the benefits of using our virtual office address service and getting a registered address for your company in one of our business centers?

permanence téléphonique Opéra-ENA professional phone reception !
Choose the Emergence business centers to provide you with a registered address for your company and benefit from a package of custom-made services:
  • The set-up of your head office and/or commercial address,
  • the reception and return shipping of your mail,
  • the reception of your guests and visitors by our hostesses,
  • a personalized phone service,
  • an access to all of our Emergence office equipment (Fax, printer, copy machine...)

Tel: (00.33) 1 44 86 06 50

Emergence guarantees a reliable address adding value to your company

Virtual office address in Emergence business centersSpecial attention given to each client
Emergence business centers are members of the SYNAPHE, which allows them to benefit from the local authority approval in terms of domiciliation center, enabling them to offer a registered address to exterior companies.

This represents a commitment that guarantees the professionalism of our business center occupation.

You want to know more, get our price grid, please contact us!

From office rentals to meeting room rentals to virtual office address services, Emergence business centers: The ideal partner for your company!
Boulogne virtual Office Address: (00.33)1. 55 60 23 99


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